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A2: MS Teacher Resources: Maintenance


Students are only automatically added to Moodle once a year. However they still need to be added to individual courses, and within those courses to the various homeroom/other groups necessary for efficient management of attendance / assignments. If students join or leave during the year they need to be added / taken out of the individual courses / groups. Please assist us in this.

This year (2019/20) all students are added or removed from Teams manually. Please make sure your classes are up to date and add/remove students yourself - don't get them to enrol by a code. 

Seesaw - Students who are no longer at the school need to be made "inactive"; students who are new need to be added to the class. Student journals can be downloaded for departing students and given to them as a file. 

Adding and removing students in Moodle

The video below will show you how to remove students from a class and how to add students to the correct group.

Removing students from Seesaw

Seesaw Edit student

Seesaw set student inactive

Adding and Removing students from Teams