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A2: MS Teacher Resources: Moodle FAQ

Having a small minor or major issues with your Moodle? Don't worry, you're not alone. We are building a knowledge base here to help you out!

If you have a question (or a solution) please email Nadine and we'll keep updating this site.

I get an Error posting to Moodle

If you get this error message when trying to post to Moodle it could be one of two things:

1. You are posting between midnight and 6am Beijing time - this is when we do our backup and server maintenance

2. You are attempting to copy and paste from another document that has unique characters or emojis - these are not accepted in Moodle. Please paste the information using "Shift-Command-V"

My content is in the wrong place

I can't see the forum as a student to check

In order to see the student view in your closure discussion forums just enrol yourself as a student in any one of the groups.

I don't know where to post things

How to Manage Groups

The video below will show you how to remove students from a class and how to add students to the correct group.

How do I embed a Flipgrid Question into Moodle?

Students cannot reply to my forum discussion

Please make sure you have followed the forum set up and posting instructions exactly. Students MUST be in Groups for this to work.

No group in MoodleIf your moodle forum post looks like this - (a yellow line under "group") you need to put your students in a group first. Otherwise they can't reply to your post.

Even if you're only a one class group.

Then re-add a discussion topic

Please make sure you tick this little box "Post a copy to all Groups" otherwise your students will NOT be able to see this per group and will NOT be able to REPLY to the posts.


How to Correct a Forum posting

I only have one group

For now we're asking everyone - even if they only have one group to create a group in their Moodle. This is super easy to do if you only have one group, just follow the instructions in the screencast.

Students keep emailing me instead of replying to the forum

It will take a little while for students to get used to working online in this way. While we do want to help them and be patient we also want them to use the forums and to only have to reply to questions once. Otherwise teachers will be completely overwhelmed. If you receive a general question that should be on the forum please send a standard reply that reads something like this. 

"That's a great question. Thanks for engaging with me. Please can you post your question as a reply to our closure discussion forum of today (INSERT URL LINK) and not as an email so that everyone can learn from this. I will reply there for everyone"

How to check attendance

How to see who's online and message them

Setting up Speech to Text