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MS Teacher Resources: Teams


Teachers may want to experiment with a combination of O365 Teams and their usual learning platforms. Please remember that Moodle should be the first point of integration for MS/HS, but can point to activities on Teams.  We have found the online conferencing possibilities of teams to be very robust. 

If you create a new team for learning please remember to include your EdTech coach and assistant principal as "owners" as well.

Download the app here

Teams Interactive Course

Teams Training Recording

Teams and iPad

Introduction to TeamWork Tools

Teams Best Features

Teams Shortcuts & Tips

CTRL + E = cursor goes to search bar
CTRL + G = activates control function of search
CTRL + N = opens new chat window
CTRL +1 , +2, +3 = move through different Teams Views (1 - Activity, 2 = Chat, 3 = Teams, etc.)

Quick overview of Teams conversations:

teams conversations

Screencasting with Teams

PD on teams quizzes & other assessments by Simon Furmston

Very Important!

Before you create a team please read the following:
It's important that you follow this carefully. Once a team name has been created it cannot be changed in the "back-end" and creates a problem for IT. 
The protocol around teams is as follows:
  1. Moodle remains the first point of contact for mentor, advisory, and individual courses
  2. Teams must follow the naming convention of
    G# Subject BLOCK # Teacher surname
    e.g. G8 PHE BLOCK C Hough
    e.g. G8.1b Mentor FLEX Zuccato
    ​e.g. ALP French Phase 2 Hochart
  3. Please do NOT change the name of a team it must be set up correctly from the beginning.
  4. Students should preferably be added by teachers, as there is a risk students won't know what to do with the join code
  5. Nadine and Huiman must be added as co-owners to your team.
  6. Teams can be used for lessons, conferencing, check ins etc, but with a clear link at all times in Moodle. Attendance for Mentor and Advisory is through the discussion forum responses in that closure tab. 
  7. Further information on the set up and use of teams is on this guide. Please email Nadine if you have suggestions or questions.

Where to add your team link in Moodle

Please add a link to your team in one or both of these places

  1. The opening front page of your course Moodle; 
  2. The first TAB of your Moodle where you put your general resources

The issue with 1 is that the link would be open to the public so you may get random requests to join the team.

The first time you create and use a Team please put the link and your protocols for use in the Closure Discussion Forum on the Closure Tab.

  • Any meetings should be put in the O365 outlook calendar as an invite to all team members. 
  • At a minimum these protocols should include our Middle School 4 R's.
  • Meetings should be recorded for the benefit of students who are unable to attend the meetings. 

Team Meetings

2. Set up a meeting in calendar and invite everyone. Also make sure you put an announcement in the Closure Forum.

3. If you are missing people they can be added while the meeting is in progress by clicking on "participants" and adding their name

4. Please record all meetings for students who are not present

5. For child safety procedures, please do not have one-on-one meetings with students without another student or adult present or at least in the background

6. Use the Blur function and suggest your students do likewise for privacy


Teams and Laptops

Team Hacks

Quick Start Guide