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Why the 20s roared


How Prohibition Backfired
Gangster Era: Background to key gangsters, from the FBI
Al Capone:
St. Valentine's Day Massacre:
Public Enemy #1: PBS site about John Dillinger
Bonnie and Clyde:
John Dillinger
Bugsy Siegel
Famous Trials: Links to excellent information on the Scopes trial, Sacco-Vanzetti trial and others. (Look about the third row down)

Boom and Bust

The Jazz Age


Prohibition: The Noble Experiment Good background info
PBS: Prohibition
BBC: Prohibition
Prohibition, 1927
Anti-Saloon League: Primary sources
Clash of Cultures: Prohibition. Primary source material
Volstead Act: Background on prohibition with link to primary documents
Prohibition: PBS site of general information, with images.
Temperance and Prohibition: OSU site with good general info, great prohibition cartoons, etc.
Alchol, Temperance and Prohibition: Archive of pamphlets, sheet music and government publications fro Brown University. Click on 'Browse,' then 'Browse by Thumbnails' to get images of everything in the collection.

Jazz Age

Harlem on our Minds Henry Louis Gates' article on the Harlem Renaissance
Jazz 101: introduction to different kinds of jazz
Smithsonian Jazz: Great portal from the Smithsonian
**Jazz Roots
Jazz: PBS site
Red Hot Jazz Archive: History of jazz before 1930. 
*Jazz Oral History Great video collection of jazz greats discussing the craft
Golden Age of Jazz: Photos and commentary from the great Jazz photographer, Gottlieb*
Harlem:Mecca of th new Negro Online journal; March, 1926


The New Deal