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Extended Essay

Handouts and resources for the EE

Anatomy of an Annotation

Sample Annotation

Chrisholm, Patricia. "The ADD dilemma." Maclean's 11 Mar. 1996: 42-44. 

This magazine article looks at the use of the drug Ritalin in Canada to control ADHD in students. Specifically it covers the drug's side effects, why there is so much debate surrounding its use and how teachers have come to rely on it to control problem students. The article is based on information taken from interviews, statistics and  peer-reviewed studies conducted at Harvard and University of London, making them credible. Overall, it is well written and well researched, covering material I have not found in other studies.  It provides a lot of statistics and case studies as examples, and these will be useful to support my own ideas. I'm not sure I agree with the final conclusion, and I may need to address that in my essay.

How to Do an Annotated Bibliography in MyBIb/NoodleTools

You need 3 academic sources in your Annotated Bibliography.  That means books, journal or database articles, or magazine/newspaper articles from credible, authoritative sources such as the New York Times, Scientific American, The Economist, etc.    Of course, this is only the beginning of your bibliography/works cited, and you'll add more as you continue researching.  When you have finished your AB, download it as a word document, then upload it to the assignment Dropbox on ManageBac

Annotating Sources in MyBib