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Factfulness, Inquiry & Global Ignorance: About Stephen

Resources for exploring Global Contexts through #Factfulness, the Global Goals and data-driven inquiry in the MYP & DP.

About Stephen

Stephen is a HS Learning & Tech Coach and Science teacher. New to WAB after being Director of Learning & MYP Coordinator in Kobe, Japan, Stephen is excited about pragmatic, high-quality, globally-informed inquiry and how technology can amplify & transform learning and empower students. 

He is passionate about connection and helping to “make it easier to do better things”, through resources, visualisation and workflows. He writes about wayfinding & learning at and IB science learning at

He loves the power of the PLN and supports MYP educators through #MYPChat on Twitter, where he is @sjtylr and the adminstrator of the roaming community @MYPChat account. 


Some Blog Posts & Resources

I "write to think" and regularly post to my Wayfinder Learning Lab blog. I refer to some of these in my workshops and consultancies. 

LibGuides Pathfinders created by Stephen Taylor (@sjtylr) for the Community of the Western Academy of Beijing. Icons from user 'Freepik' on unless otherwise credited.