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G8 IDU Design / I&S: Research and Development

Role and Goal

You will need to lead the design and development of your groups product idea. This could be a physical product or a digital product such as an app or website. It could also be a combination of both digital and physical products.  
While you will lead the development of this product all of your team members will need to contribute to the design idea. At the end of the day it will be your groups product. This will involve you working closely with each of your team members.  
You will need to take direction from your CEO and also make sure that you clearly explain your design ideas.  
You will need to talk to the person in charge of finance so that they can work out the costs involved in building your design in terms of materials, labour, tools and equipment. 
You will need to work closely with Marketing to look at setting a price for the item and make sure that this is a reasonable price to charge considering the price of your main competitors and whether you will be able to make a profit at that price.   

Potential Dragon Questions

  • Who is your competition? Who else offers what you do? 

  • What is your USP [Unique Selling Point]? Why is your product special? 

  • What challenges do you face in getting the product to your customers? 

  • What does your product do that other products do not? 

  • What is the ‘need’ for your product? 

  • How does your product work? 

  • What problem does your product solve? 

  • What will your product be made of and why? 

  • Are there any products similar to yours?