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Creating Cultures of Thinking: Expectations

Resources for "Creating Cultures of Thinking: The Eight Forces We Must Master To Truly Transform Our Schools" by Ron Ritchhart of Project Zero at HGSE. [Guide by Stephen Taylor for Western Academy Beijing]


Development of a Culture of Thinking Self-Assessment


Below is a list of five ideas to consider when creating a Culture of Thinking in your classroom 

  1. Make a conscious effort to communicate to students that your classroom is a place which thinking is valued. 

  2. Establish a set of expectations for learning and thinking with your students in a similar way that you establish behavioral expectations.

  3. Stress that thinking and learning are the outcomes of a class activity as opposed to 'completion of work.'

  4. "Developing understanding" is the goal of classroom activity and lessons versus knowledge acquisition only. 

  5. Student independence is being actively cultivated so that students are not dependent on the teacher to answer all questions and direct all activity.  

from Ron Ritchhart's The Development of a Culture of Thinking in My Classroom: Self-Assessment

Five Expectations That Help Shape A Culture Of Thinking

Poster by Stephen, adapted from