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Reflecting on the Impacts of Science

"Equipped with his five senses, man explores the universe around him and calls the adventure Science.” Edwin Powell Hubble

Scientists ask questions, gain understanding, solve problems and then ask more questions!

Some of these questions lead to inventions, discoveries or theories that have an impact on how we live or how we think about our surroundings. Sometimes the impact is positive, sometimes the impact is negative.

Your Task

Create a 2-minute video discussing the positive and negative impacts of a scientific invention, discovery or theory that has been used to address a problem.

Your video will include:

* A description of the scientific invention, discovery or theory that you have selected.

* A description of the problem it attempts to address.

* A discussion and analysis of the positive and negative impacts of the scientific invention, discovery or theory and its application to humanity. You will include a discussion of some of the following elements:

  • Economic impacts
  • Environmental impacts
  • Ethical impacts
  • Political impacts
  • Social impacts

* A closing statement or discussion which includes your opinion about the overall impact of your topic on humanity. Give reasons to support your opinion.

* Explanations/ descriptions in your own words. Scientific language is used accurately to communicate your understanding.

* Documentation of valid scientific sources using MLA8 style using NoodleTools.

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