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G8 IDU Design / I&S: CEO

Role and Goal

To lead and support your team to oversee the preparation for your team’s pitch.  
You need to coordinate everyone and make sure everything runs smoothly. You should be focused with productivity, planning, and coordinating the team. You are responsible for organising a lot of the logistics that go behind the preparation of the pitch. This can range from organising meetings, supporting and managing your team,  
You need to make sure that everyone working meets the deadlines that are set and communicate with each other at the right time. You will also need to make sure that they have everything that they need.  
You need to make sure that everyone knows what they are supposed to be doing and when they are supposed to be doing it. You should be well organised and work hard to have good interpersonal skills. You will need to have a way of keeping tabs on 'who needs to do what' and that needs to be something that can be updated and shared digitally  
To put it simple you are the boss and your team depends on you to have organised all of the administration so that the rest of your team are able to dedicate their time to thinking about their specialist roles within the team.   

Potential Dragon Questions

  • Who will buy your product? 

  • What/Who is your target market? 

  • How will you attract customers? How will you market your product? 

  • Who is your competition? Who else offers what you do? 

  • What is your USP [Unique Selling Point]? Why is your product special? 

  • How much should you charge for the product or service (compared with your competition)? 

  • What should you consider to be able to produce the product and get it to the customer? 

  • What challenges do you face in getting the product to your customers? 

  • How will you make the business grow in the future (What is your development plan)? 

  • In your launch strategy, why do you think you will sell so many products so quickly? 

  • What is the ‘need’ for your product? 

  • What problem does your product solve? 

  • What would you do if your predicted launch strategy does not work out as planned? 

  • Are there any products similar to yours?